Siem Reap: A Reflection

Looking back, I should have taken my time doing the itinerary, not just with the temple tour but the entire trip. Given that this was a journey to an unfamiliar land, it is best that I should have at least done my research. Ignorance is bliss, and true enough, I looked and felt like an ignorant fool. Not knowing any information about the country, the people, the language, the culture, the temples and their history is like a slap in the face, not giving an ounce of respect to the people living in the country. Continue reading

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Hanging Out at the Night Market and Pub Street

On my second day at Siem Reap, I had to cancel my buffet itinerary since they cannot do an Apsara dance show due to the king’s father’s passing. Instead, I went to the popular Night Market to see if I could find some stuff I could take home with me.


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The Beauty of Banteay Srei

After a long hike from Phnom Kulen, we backtracked a bit to the final stop of this journey: Banteay Srei. You would wonder why people would even attempt to travel this far just to visit this temple, but after seeing the place, I was left in awe. Words cannot express how beautiful this temple is, despite it being in ruins. Continue reading

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Phnom Kulen: Hiking in my Converse shoes

When I was given my itinerary, I was told that we were going to go to the outskirts to see the waterfalls and the River of Thousand Lingas in Phnom Kulen. It was until the third day that it occurred to me that it was going to be a hike, and unfortunately for me, I did not bring any hiking shoes or even my running shoes, despite this trip being an “adventure”. I only had a pair of room slippers, a pair of canvas shoes and, well, my black Converse sneakers. But I guess, even the most prepared backpacker can encounter random stuff that are not part of the plan. Might as well go with it, right?

The ride to Phnom Kulen was about 2 hours from the Angkor complex, but it could take you faster if you are taking a car. I could probably compare it to going to the province via the national highway on a tricycle. It was slightly dangerous, but it was a steady ride.

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Siem Reap: Tales of the Temples

I was not prepared, to be honest. I booked my flight to Cambodia months ahead, but I was not able to make an itinerary, which I later realized was a mistake on my part, and to a certain extent made me look like an ignorant fool. My expectation was just simply “I will visit a lot of temples”. Little did I know what was in store for me. Continue reading

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Staring at the Sun at the Angkor Wat

I was initially against the thought of doing a “sunrise” on the first day as I needed rest since I have not had much sleep on my first night. However, I cannot really complain because I only have three days to spend there and might as well follow the plan. Call time was at 5am so I was expected to wake up at 4:30am. That was not really a problem because I ended up waking up at 4.

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Cambodia: Conquering the Fear of Traveling Alone

Last October, I set out on an adventure to Cambodia… alone. It was a reward to myself for making it to five years in the company I was working for and for being the last person standing in our batch. I told myself that I should try to experience, at least once a year, doing an adventure, whether it’s local or international destination as part of my solo adventures. Last year, I did a solo impromptu trip to the beach for my birthday, and this year, I wanted it to be outside the country.

Just the thought of going to an unfamiliar land was enough to make me nervous. I did not know what was in store for me there. I know I was supposed to have fun, but the fatalistic in me conjures a lot of negative things in my mind. I even added a “hopefully” in my out of office email, thinking that something would happen and I woould not be able to return. Something like that. I know it’s crazy.

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