je m’appelle Ariel et je suis 27 ans. je parle français, anglais et philippin.

Yeah, that’s the most basic French I know… ok maybe not just that, but I’m still a beginner, so don’t ask too much what is this and that in French. I’m currently studying French in AFM because it’s muy caliente. LOL! Seriously though, it’s part of my quest for finding something exciting, something different. I usually get some raised eyebrows because it’s very far from my line of work, being a pseudo-programmer and all. It’s fun, if you’re into numbers and those programming stuff.

On my spare time, I cook (and eat, of course). I love cooking, food is my passion. It makes me happy inside, like butterflies and ponies and rainbows and all things fluffy.

About the Blog

After my recent solo adventure to Cambodia, I had a change of perspective. There are a lot of things out there that I haven’t experienced. I wanted to explore more. I created this blog so I can document my adventures, the quest to search for the things that enriches the mind, body and soul.


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