A Whole New Year, A Whole New World

I just realized that it has been quite a while since my last post. I did not mean to neglect this blog, that was not the intention. My focus was directed on a different direction, or I guess you could put it as “I was busy”, but that was not an excuse.

So, new year, new life. I am now currently staying in Malaysia where I will begin my professional work soon. It is really odd thinking that I will be working outside of the Philippines, to be quite honest. Usually, my mindset whenever I go out of the country is that I will be “out there” to travel, and at the moment I am trying my best to change that mindset, that I am here in Malaysia to work. Rules and expectations will be different, that much I can comprehend. Nonetheless, despite this being work, I will still try to make the work-life balance thing work.

Last year, I told myself that the year’s theme would be “Change”. Looking back, I think I have made the changes that I planned at the start of the year. It was not the way I expected it to be, but who am I to complain, right? As long as I reach the goal that I want, I think I’m good with that, taking into consideration the whole journey going towards that goal, be it good or not.

Before the year ended, I did my goal setting. I listed my goals for the year of 2014 and the overall theme would be Improve and Enhance. If you think about it, the underlying recurring theme is still “change”, just kicking things up a notch. Now that I am working in a different country, I know things would be different and I have to adjust accordingly, and fast. I just have to make sure that I stay true to myself and what I have built for myself so far.

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