Malasimbo Festival 2013: A Night to Remember

How often does the Grammy-nominated Joss Stone graze the land of the Philippines? Probably zero. That’s why when I found out that she was the headline performer at the Malasimbo Festival 2013 in Puerto Galera, I knew I had to take this opportunity to see her perform in person. I have been a fan from the start so I could not let this chance pass by. It was my first time to go to Puerto Galera as well, and to a festival like this, so it’s like hitting three birds in one stone, to modify the saying.

Joss Stone working up the crowd

I have to admit, when I purchased the ticket and the accommodation, my only purpose was to see Joss Stone. Later on, I realized the festival wasn’t just about the performers, and Joss Stone for that matter. It was a culmination of nature, art, music, life, and love.

The outdoor amphitheater was situated at the Mt. Malasimbo some few kilometers away from the beaches of Puerto Galera. Festival goers who wished to experience more of the nature camped up at nearby area. It was cold in the area and fog was already enveloping the nearby mountains.

The occasional drizzle brought slight fear of getting wet, but as the night went by, even the skies opened up for the celebration. Just like me. Hahahaha! I have to admit, I was a bit uneasy at first, but the people were so nice, made me feel at ease. The vibe was so good, you just let go of your inhibitions and have fun! And that was just one night, imagine if I attended all three nights of the festival! I had a blast! More than the thought of seeing one of my favorite artists perform, it’s the experience that made every moment worth it.



I’d definitely go back and see the festival again next year!

More photos here.

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