Cambodia: Conquering the Fear of Traveling Alone

Last October, I set out on an adventure to Cambodia… alone. It was a reward to myself for making it to five years in the company I was working for and for being the last person standing in our batch. I told myself that I should try to experience, at least once a year, doing an adventure, whether it’s local or international destination as part of my solo adventures. Last year, I did a solo impromptu trip to the beach for my birthday, and this year, I wanted it to be outside the country.

Just the thought of going to an unfamiliar land was enough to make me nervous. I did not know what was in store for me there. I know I was supposed to have fun, but the fatalistic in me conjures a lot of negative things in my mind. I even added a “hopefully” in my out of office email, thinking that something would happen and I woould not be able to return. Something like that. I know it’s crazy.

As it turns out the crazy part was just me being agitated by the flight. I honestly do not like flying because I used to watch a lot of those “air crash investigations” on TV before. Sometimes I cannot help but think, “What if something happens and we crash”. They say your life flashes right in front of your eyes seconds before you die… I feel like that when I fly.

Anyways, enough about the crazy. After arriving at the Siem Reap International Airport, I was greeted by my tuktuk driver, Ny (pronounced as Nee). He was there to pick me up and bring me to the guesthouse where I was staying. The night air was slightly damp, almost clammy, due to the fog. Surprisingly, the main highway leading to the airport is safe for tuktuk and motorcycle drivers. A few kilometers leading to the town, a bunch of hotels are lined up on each side of the highway, catering to the tourists coming in to visit the country.

Complimentary drink from Bou Savy

Complimentary drink from Bou Savy. I think it’s a coconut-pineapple shake

Upon arrival to Bou Savy Guesthouse, I was greeted by the owner, Bovorn, and was given complimentary drink. I was also entitled to a free dinner, which I chose to avail by ordering their famous food in Cambodia, the Amok. It has similar ingredients with curry, only it was not spicy. I was not too keen in checking what kind of vegetables were used in the dish, although I had the option to choose from pork, chicken or fish as the main protein.


Amok, a popular Khmer dish. Mine’s with chicken

Ny also discussed with me the itinerary that I used for my three days in Siem Reap and how much each day would cost and what else I would like to do after the three days of visits. After the discussion, he asked me if I wanted to go visit the night market but I declined since I was already awake for more than 24 hours before I arrived there and wanted some shut-eye. I finished my dinner and went up to my room.

Room good enough for three

Room good enough for three

My room was big enough to accommodate at most three people, or at least the bed looks like it could fit three, so it felt like royal treatment, me having the room for myself. I was thankful that the shower has hot water, because I think it is necessary for most inns to have. A hot bath before bedtime to end a very long and tiring day was what I needed.

Next: Staring at The Sun at the Angkor Wat

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